Dear listener

2006 is the year when V. Poulsen Kapel’s band celebrate their 25th anniversary – even though in actual fact we’ve been playing together for 30 years. In 1981, we were invited to the first Shetland Folk Festival, where the kind people thought for some reason or another that we were brothers. The unexpected consequence of this was that we should share a bed for a week – why would two fine brothers from Denmark want it any other way? We had a good laugh at all this, and fresh from under the duvet, in no time at all, we became Vagn and Valdemar Poulsen from Denmark.

Our participation in the first Shetland Folk Festival was a great achievement for traditional Danish music. On the day we should return home, there we were sitting in the back of an old Austin, being driven across town to the airport bus by our lovely hostess. Throughout the trip, Shetlanders stood on both sides of the road with Union Jacks waving us goodbye. It was a glorious day, which incidentally coincided with visits to the town from both the British queen and the Norwegian king. This dramatic exit was the prelude to the eventful life of V. Poulsens Kapel.

After a time, the myth of the Poulsen brothers from Denmark spread to other parts of the world. The next big triumph was our participation in the Festival d’été in Quebec in 1983, and in the following year we played many engagements in Paris, where we entertained thousands of people in the Metro.
In the course of time, we have had many of our siblings on stage – Vladimir, Vilhelm and Vernon to name but a few. And we considered it our duty to show them the world from various big stages around the globe. And so it was, for V. Poulsens Kapel was, and still is, a real travelling band. Throughout 25 years we’ve been hard-working and popular guests throughout the world. Shetland Folk Festival celebrates it’s 25th anniversary this year, and to add sparkle to the celebrations, V. Poulsen’s Kapel have been invited back. As a tribute to all our fans in Scotland, we’ve decided therefore to make this CD, which is our first recording since our first immensely popular and totally sold-out recording from 1981.

It’s been 25 years of living it up, where we’ve constantly been exposed to the interests of the international media. We now believe that it must be time for the younger generation to take over, and that’s why we invited our little sister Vera to play with us on the CD. It is our hope that our wonderful audience will give Vera the same warm reception we received ourselves.

We play traditional Danish music, which we learned from our Danish mentors and friends. However, countless visits to Canada has given us a huge appetite for traditional Canadian music. We’ve had the privilege of getting to know some of the best musicians from Québéc and Cape Breton, and have lived together with them as they’ve made their way up to the stars. Many warm friendships have developed with, amongst others, Mario Forest, Michel Faubert, Jerry Holland, Marion Dewar, Yves Lambert, Michel Bordeleau, Kinnon and Betty Beaton, André Marchand, Paul MacDonald, Bernard Simard and Paul Cranford. They’ve had the generosity to invite us into their life, and in this way have passed their music on to us, so that it might find a whole new life in Denmark. And that’s actually what traditional music is all about. It is no coincidence that a lot of the music has never been written down, but has survived because people have been willing to pass it on. And for that we can be deeply thankful.

Jes Kroman
Forlaget Indavl
   Jes og Sonnich

Valdemar Poulsen accompagneret af Marcel Messervier og Yves Lambert (La Bottine Souriante).

V. Poulsen´s Kapel (med lillebror Villy) spiller ved château Frontnac i Québec 1983.

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